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The loveliest Father's Day gift

This Sunday 18 June is Father’s Day! Now we know you’ll want to find the perfect gift for your wonderful dad. You can put together something yourself, but we’re here to help you with a lovely gift too, especially if you’re not quite sure what to surprise him with. How about a delicious Toblerone bar, personalised with his name and a photo? Or tasty Milka chocolates with a personal message and a photo? We’d love to help you to create something special for your dad, so that you can show him how much he means to you. Every year the question is the same: what to get him for Father's Day? Perhaps you're struggling to find a gift that's different and will impress your dad, or maybe you just want to do something special for him for once. We’re here to help you create an original Father’s Day gift for Father's Day 2023 with plenty of ideas and suggestions.

Tell us what kind of dad he is and we’ll tell you which kind of gift to go for

Our dad or father figure is one of the pillars of the family, the rock that supports us always, no matter what. He definitely deserves a Father’s Day gift, to thank him for all he does for the family and the love he gives you every day. We would like to offer you some gift ideas for Father's Day, to create a unique and unforgettable surprise for him. No two dads are the same, so what would your dad like?

For dads that are gastronomes

The best gift for a dad that likes a drink every now and then is, of course, a personalised beer glass, wine glass, whiskey glass. You can add the name or text of your choice to the glass. We engrave the design into the glass, which means that they are dishwasher safe. As well as the glasses, we have several tasty beer sets including delicious international beers, or beers from Belgium, Germany or The Netherlands. If you’d like to set your dad a little challenge, gift him a beer brewing kit. The kits include everything he needs to brew his own batch, so let’s see if he’s as good at brewing beer as he is at drinking it! If he prefers a nice cup of coffee or tea, go with a personalised mug instead.

For dads that enjoy cooking

If your dad whips up one of your favourite dishes every time he sees you and loves spending time in the kitchen, we’re actually pretty jealous! We’d like a dad like that too, please. We have so many gift ideas for dads that are real chefs in the making. How about a luxurious leather apron featuring his name? Or a beautiful wooden chopping board or knife block?

For the cool dads

Every dad is a cool dad with one of our special Father’s Day t-shirts. Let him know he’s your hero with a t-shirt that says ‘For the coolest dad’, ‘Best dad in the world’ or your very own text. We’ll print it for you, no problem at all.

Father's Day gift ideas

It is often said that it’s the thought that counts, and indeed most fathers and father figures would appreciate a simple ‘Happy Father’s Day!’, but why not also create an original Father's Day gift? With all that he’s done for you throughout your life, wouldn’t it be good to make him the centre of attention for once? After all, he's the one who held your hand during the first steps of your life, who stood by your side during the happy moments as well as the more difficult ones. Creating an original gift is easy. All you need to do is think about who your dad is and what he likes. We have the perfect gift for all dads, young and old. Here are some timeless gifts that will never go out of style:

  • Engraved wine or beer glasses
  • Photo key ring
  • Photo mug
  • Bottle of wine or beer gift set

Budget-friendly gifts for dad

Father's Day is the kind of occasion where the budget is not the focus of the gift, but more about the thought behind it and a gift that truly means something. There are many smaller gifts that can be very meaningful for Father's Day, while still being budget-friendly. You could give your dad the experience of a day dedicated to him and the things he loves to do, such as a trip out of town or a dinner cooked by you, along with a sweet card. You could use your favourite (childhood) photos to create a special photo album for him and bring a happy tear to his eye. There are so many great options to choose from, you’ll always find the perfect gift.

Father's Day gift from the little ones

Children love their dad, so it’s great to involve them in the preparations for this special day and to let them participate in the choice of gifts. Think of a gift that the children can give their dad , perhaps accompanied by a drawing showing their love for him. There is nothing a father loves more than his children, and receiving a gift from them will surely move him. Have your favourite family photo printed on a canvas or a clock that you can hang in the house or customise an object that dad can always carry with him, such as a laptop case or a mug. The possibilities are endless!

First Father’s Day gifts

If the man in question is a father to be, it’s definitely worth celebrating Father’s Day, even if the little one hasn’t arrived just yet. Becoming a father for the very first time is a priceless experience, so why not buy a gift for him from the unborn child? Some gift ideas for the first Father's Day? A baby romper, a bib featuring the little one’s name, a hat or a dummy for his naps. Even if it's the baby's first Father’s Day and they’ve only just been born, dad may want to read them a bedtime story to soothe them to sleep and, you can give hima personalised story book to use for years to come. View all first Father's Day gifts >

For the nostalgic dads

Does your dad still talk about that one holiday you took years ago or the family weekends you’ve spent together, and enjoy getting out the old photo albums again and again? If that’s the case, we think your dad would be over the moon to receive a mug featuring his favourite photos, or a carefully put-together photo album of all his favourite moments.

Fun Father’s Day facts

Did you know that Father’s Day is celebrated on different days in different countries? In Spain, Italy and Portugal, Father’s Day will be celebrated on Saturday 19 March. In Germany Father’s Day is in May, in The Netherlands it’s not until June. Despite the differences in dates, Father’s Day is celebrated everywhere in Europe as far as we know.

It’s the thought that counts!

A gift doesn’t have to be big or expensive. To most dad’s, it’s much more important that they know that someone is thinking of them, than to receive an expensive gift. The more personal the gift, the higher the level of appreciation. We believe that people are happy not just when receiving a gift, but when giving a gift, too. We call that ‘The Art of Giving’. By giving, you can ‘Spread a little Happiness’!