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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

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Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply satisfying your sweet tooth, our giant chocolate bars promise to elevate your chocolate experience with every bite. Personalise your XXL chocolate bar now! 

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Giant chocolate bar: an XXL chocolate gift for chocoholics

Ever wondered what the ideal gift for a chocoholic might be? Imagine the surprise and joy that a chocolate enthusiast will have when they see a giant chocolate bar. The ultimate gift that won’t just satisfy their sweet cravings but also present them with a unique experience.

Why choose an XXL chocolate bar?

Why not? It’s a gift that’s sure to impress! A giant chocolate bar not only leaves the recipient with a smile on their face, but it's also a great and personal gift for a special moment. It also shows that you are thinking of them and know how much they love their chocolate!

What makes them special?

Think about it, an XXL chocolate bar isn't just a regular treat. It's a masterpiece! What's special about YourSurprise giant chocolate bars is that you can personalise them to create a unique gift. You can add the recipient’s name, a photo or collage, or a special message to the chocolate box.

Memorable moments

An XXL chocolate bar isn't just for a chocoholic's indulgence, it‘s also a fun, interactive way to bring people together. It transforms an ordinary gathering into a memorable event. Everyone will remember where they were when they had a piece of that massive chocolate treat. It's also a unique gift for a special occasion, such as a birthday, a big milestone or even to say thank you to one of your clients.

A great selection of giant chocolate bars

YourSurprise offers you the opportunity to create your giant chocolate bar and choose from a great selection of sizes, brands and flavours. Check out our selection:

  • 60 cm XXL chocolate bars: choose between Côte d'Or, Mega Milka, Mega Twix, Chocolonely; add your photo, name and/or special message and give to someone this outstanding giant chocolate bar!
  • Chocolate gift box bars: a great selection of chocolate snacks; Twix, Mars or Snickers. Get your favourite flavour, add a photo, name and/or message.
  • Giant Chocolate boxes: For those who are simply not content with choosing just one flavour, there is always the option to savour a collection of delicious chocolates in a giant box. Choose between Celebrations (in box or tube) or Mega Chokotoff for a selection of Chokotoffs chocolate candies.
  • XL Oreo gift roll: it's a supersized version of everybody's favourite cream-filled biscuit. Imagine the joy on a loved one's face as they unroll this massive treat, packed with endless delicious Oreos.
  • Toblerone XXL: Imagine the sheer delight of laying your eyes on a gigantic chocolate bar weighing a massive 4.5kg!