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All gifts personalised with photo/text

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A godfather and godmother are important people in a child’s life. Whether you’re planning a christening or just want to thank them for their support, you’ve surely come to the right place. Thank them with a personalized gift by customizing it with a photo and/and or text.

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Personalised gifts for godparents

Asking someone to be a godparent Are you planning to ask someone to be a godparent for your child's upcoming christening? You could just ask, but you can also get the little one to ask him or her for you in a unique way. How? What about a dummy with the text: Will you be my godmother? or: will you be my godfather? In addition to dummies, we also have baby rompers, boxes of chocolates and even engraved glasses. You can add the name of the godparent to any item to make it a really personal gift!

The official meaning of godparent

A godparent is formally known as a sponsor, which comes from the Latin spondere, “to promise”. The godfather and godmother are roles associated with baptism in the (Catholic) church. The church has a number of rules for godparents. For example, the godparent must be Catholic, have had a Confirmation and received their First Communion. They must also live in accordance with the faith. In English the name 'guideparent' may also be given to these people. Traditionally, the roles of godfather and godmother are often assigned to relatives such as the christened child's uncles and aunts.

The role of a godparent

The godfather and godmother are - alongside all other witnesses of the baptism - official witnesses that a child has been baptised. The godfather and godmother make a promise during the christening, to help their godchild live a Christian life, especially if the child loses one or both parents. Nevertheless, the roles of godfather and godmother are not legal roles. The godparents are therefore not legally given any additional rights or obligation to take care of their godchild if necessary. As godfather or godmother, you will not automatically become the legal guardian of the godchild. If the parents want this to happen, the parents must include this in their will.

Godparents now vs then

A lot has changed over the years. Many parents ask family members, but friends are also often asked to be godparents, even if the child is not being baptised. But even if a child is baptised, there are often two godmothers or godfathers. So there is no longer always just one godfather and one godmother. In any case, the role of a godparent is an honourable one: the parents trust you and would like you and the godchild to form a bond.

Godfather, godmother or rich aunt?

Of course, if you are asked to become a godparent, it doesn't mean that you will be expected to take care of the godchild as a second mother (or father) from now on. Yet as a godfather or godmother, you may wish to do a little bit more for your godchild. Many godparents regularly do something fun with their godchild, such as buying nice clothes or gifts and in some cases they may even put some savings aside for their future. This is certainly not an obligation, many godparents are just very proud to be a godfather or godmother!

Asking someone to be a godparent

If you would like to ask someone to be godparent, consider doing it in an original way by having a personalised gift. We have a variety of nice gifts which include the question 'Will you be my godmother?' or 'Will you be my godfather?'. You can also add a name to all of our gifts to make it truly personal.

The most popular gifts for asking someone to be a godparent are: a dummy a baby romper a small plate

Thank a godparent with a gift

Would you like to thank someone for taking on the role of a godparent? You can do that with a fun, personalised gift with a heartfelt message and the name of the godparent.

The most popular gifts for thanking a godparent are: a mug with name and 'Godfather' or 'Godmother' a box of chocolates with a personal message and name a glass with a message to say thank you engraved on it a tile with a picture of the godparent and their godchild