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Chocolate boxes personalised with a photo, text and/or name

Ever been on the receiving end of a box of chocolates? If you’re a chocoholic, you know that chocolates are more than a simple gift! Whether enjoyed on your own, or shared with your loved ones, each chocolate brings with it a delightful moment.

When it comes to a chocolate box gift, YourSurprise knows their stuff! Create your unique personalised chocolate box and surprise them with a tasty chocolate gift!

Sweeten your special moments: the perfect chocolate box gift

These beautiful presents have long been a symbol of romance, friendship, and luxurious self-pampering; there’s simply no occasion that’s not instantly made even better with a box of scrumptious chocolates.

Choosing the right chocolate gift box depends mainly on three things:

  • The type of chocolates: if the recipient loves a specific brand or type of chocolate, make sure to include this in your chocolate box gift!
  • What the box looks like: how is the box presented? Is there a way you can make it more personal, perhaps by adding a personalisation?
  • The gifting moment: different moments require different types of boxes. For example, a romantic occasion might require a heart-shaped chocolate box, whereas occasions such as a birthday would work well with a themed gift box!

Themed chocolate box gift for special occasions

Here at YourSurprise, you can create a chocolate box for any special moment. We have an assortment with dedicated chocolate boxes or designs for Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and many more occasions. There’s always a reason to surprise them with chocolate!

The personal touch: how to personalise your chocolate box

Personalising your box of chocolates isn't just about adding a message on the box or wrapping it in a fancy ribbon (though these are lovely touches!). It's also about selecting the perfect combination of details that make your gift truly stand out:

Step 1: Start by selecting an assortment of chocolates that the gift recipient will like. Do they lean more towards classic milk chocolate, or do they like trying out different flavours? Perhaps they even have a preference for a specific brand.

Step 2: If there are any variants available (size or flavour), make sure to choose the most suitable one, then open the editor.

Step 3: In the editor you can select the personalisation of the chocolate box. You can add a photo, a special message for the recipient, a name and/or a logo.

Remember, personalisation is all about catering to the recipient’s unique tastes and adding a touch of your own personality into the mix. A gift that's tailored to their liking not only demonstrates thoughtfulness, but also transforms an ordinary box of chocolates into a truly original, memorable gift.

What types of chocolates are best for a gift box?

The type of chocolate included in your chocolate gift box should reflect the recipient's taste. Some of the chocolate boxes gift ideas available at YourSurprise include:

Creating and gifting a box of chocolates has never been such a delightful and personalised experience. Whether you're selecting hand-made luxurious chocolates, or opting for well-known brands such as Milka or Lindt, a chocolate box is more than a gift - it's a tasty token of love, affection and individuality.