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All gifts personalised with photo/text

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If you're expecting and want to surprise your loved ones, discover all of our pregnancy announcement gifts and reveal your secret in a unique way!

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Announcing your pregnancy in a fun, original way

It’s been confirmed: you’re expecting! You can have an ultrasound and see your little one for the first time at around the 8-week mark. Keeping this amazing news to yourself as parents-to-be is very difficult, so you’ll be sharing with family and friends soon. Many people wait until the first 12 weeks have passed to let the whole world know, but once they have; time for a cool pregnancy announcement! Tell your work, your neighbours, share your joy with everyone.

Lots of parents choose to make their pregnancy announcement in an original way. A personalised gift featuring a photo and/or sweet text, for instance. YourSurprise offers a wide range of fun baby gifts, which can each be personalised. What better way to let your parents know they’re going to be grandparents than with a personalised baby romper?

3 original ways to tell your husband or partner that you are pregnant

The surprise of pregnancy is often discovered together by both partners, the growing anticipation at seeing the test finally positive and the happiness at the beautiful revelation. However, it may be that you decide to surprise your better half with the news and want to do it in a unique way. Here are some ideas that could work for you: - Surprise them with a cake: if you are great in the kitchen, you can make a delicious cake and complete it with an inscription sharing the happy announcement;

  • Involve other family members: if your family is expanding, why not give the task of the announcement to your eldest son or daughter? Or you can involve your beloved pet in an original way;
  • Treasure hunt: for those who have more time on their hands and want to do things in a big way, a fun treasure hunt can be the solution. The final prize? Obviously the news of your pregnancy!

Perfect pregnancy announcement gifts

Announcing your pregnancy will make everyone who hears emotional. If you’ve had an ultrasound scan and have a photo, have it printed on a gift and give it to someone with whom you wish to share your big news in a special way. Rompers, dummies and puzzles are popular choices.

Ideas for announcing pregnancy to future grandparents

Grandparents-to-be are probably the most eagerly awaiting people after new parents. They often await the arrival of a grandchild with longing and are ready to love it from the very first moment. This is precisely why announcing the pregnancy to grandparents can be a special occasion, to surprise them in an unexpected way. One of the most popular but still unique options is to make the announcement with a gift, which can be kept by the grandparents as a souvenir. For example, you can print the gift on a baby accessory and wrap it in a fun gift card, or you can create a video message with a QR code greeting card. Don't forget to immortalise the moment with a video! It will be nice to go back and watch it again and relive the emotions of that moment.

Putting together a gift set

If you really want to go big, put together a fun gift set for grandparents, aunts and uncles to be. You can add a personalised wooden card and dummy with the text of your choice. Put them in a nice box and have them unwrap their gift! Just watch their surprised faces when they open it.

Telling grandparents, friends and family in a fun way

If the baby has an older brother or sister, have them wear a t-shirt stating that they’re going to be a big brother or sister when you visit family or friends. Or go for a mug, personalised with the announcement. Sit back and see which of your loved ones will spot it first!

Tip: Personalised romper featuring photo and name

Everyone knows that rompers are typical babywear. This makes them the perfect way to announce your pregnancy. Select the smallest size and a unisex colour such as orange, red, white or green. Add the personalisation of your choice, keeping in mind for whom the gift is. Any recipient is sure to be very surprised!

Tip: Hinged photo frame with photo and text

Beautiful photos deserve a great presentation. You can achieve this with a YourSurprise hinged photo frame, ideal for your cupboard, window sill or table. It’s a fantastic alternative to a regular photo frame. Add your ultrasound print to one of the designs and add a personal text, such as ‘We’re looking forward to meeting you’ or ‘Take your time, little one’. Announcing your pregnancy in this way can be extra special when you add your due date.

Tip: Cards for the whole family

If you’d like to tell all of your family and friends your happy news at the same time, have a personalised greeting card made for each of them, featuring your ultrasound print and a message. YourSurprise offers various greeting cards and photo cards. If you’d rather not add an ultrasound print, we have plenty of fun designs to choose from instead.

How to announce pregnancy at a distance

Unfortunately, it may be that your loved ones live a long way away but you still want to share the happy news with them. Here at YourSurprise you can have the card sent straight to their address and announce it in a fun way. You can also send a small gift to announce the pregnancy, such as some personalised chocolates.