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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

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Personalised cuddly toy

We often see soft toys as being gifts for little ones, but they can make wonderful gifts for any occasion, no matter the recipient's age. Whether you want to make a romantic gesture or let a friend know you're there for them at a difficult time, a personalised teddy bear can be the perfect way to get your message across to your loved one. At YourSurprise we have a large range of soft toys that can be personalised with a name or photo. We print or embroider the name or photo on the teddy bear's t-shirt or feet. We have small soft toys on keyrings, slightly larger toys and even a giant teddy bear!

Types of toys with name and photo

We have a variety of cute critters in our collection:

  • a giraffe
  • a little bear
  • a big bear
  • an extra large bear
  • a giant teddy bear
  • a hare So many cute animals in our collection of cuddly toys!

Personalised cuddly toy for a newborn

If one of your loved ones recently welcomed a baby boy or girl into the world, there are so many gift ideas you can choose for the newborn, but why not go for a soft cuddly toy? Take a look at our selection of Happy horse plush: a tuttle for newborn babies to play and cuddle or, a cute bunny, available in three different sizes. The largest rabbit is 98 cm high, a unique piece for the little one’s room. These soft toys are also CE-certified and are therefore suitable for newborns.

Why a cuddly toy is a great gift for various occasions

A cuddly toy is an unexpected gift that will leave anyone who receives it speechless. It is a gift that lends itself to any occasion and can put a big smile on the recipient's face. The following are perfect occasions to give a cuddly toy as a gift:

  • Valentine's Day: Definitely the perfect occasion to give a personalised cuddly toy! Add your favourite photo of yourself and your sweetheart to the t-shirt the cuddly toy is wearing, so it can be cherished forever. You could also go for a cute teddy bear embroidered with the names, date or other text of your choice.
  • Get well soon wishes: If a loved one hasn't been very well or has just been feeling a little down, surprise them with a special gift that will help them feel better right away!
  • Celebrating your grandparents: Grandparents are the perfect recipients for a sweet personalised cuddly toy, so that they can have their kids or grandchildren with them always.
  • New baby: A cuddly toy makes a great welcome to the world gift for a newborn baby. Have the little one’s name or photo embroidered or printed and create the perfect unique gift. There are many occasions that are perfect to give a personalised cuddly toy, all you need to do is select the perfect one for the recipient to cuddle and cherish.

Personalised teddy bear for your girlfriend!

Women especially love receiving a soft toy as a gift. Are you looking for a sweet gift for your girlfriend for an anniversary of 6 months, a year or several years together? Then give her an adorable toy with a photo of you together. Do you want to give something small? Then we have cute cuddly toys on keyrings which can be personalised with her name.

Personalised teddy bear

The teddy bear is the ultimate cuddly toy! Whether you’re looking for a giant bear to cuddle or a small teddy bear to give to a loved one, we have something for everyone!

Teddy bear with name as a maternity gift

A bear with the name on its feet makes a really sweet maternity present. We embroider the baby's name on the bear's feet. You can have something different embroidered on each foot, such as the name, date of birth, or in the case of twins: both names!

Giant teddy bear and mega teddy bear

Do you really want to overwhelm someone with a gift? Then give them a mega or giant teddy bear. The mega bear is no less than 60 cm sitting and 96 cm standing. If you really want to go all out, give the gift of a giant teddy bear, standing at no less than 135 cm. Both bears are dressed in a t-shirt than you can personalise with a name or photo.

Cuddly toy with photo

A cuddly toy can be personalised in a variety of ways. You can customise the shirt that the stuffed animal is wearing with one or more photos and/or text of your choice. Not only that, we have many pre-made designs that might inspire you to personalise your gift in an extra special way. We also offer a teddy bear which can be embroidered with one or more names, placed on each of its feet. For an even more original gift, we also have a bunny to which you can add your baby's face. The image is removable, so you can have several faces printed and swap them as you like!

We have theme designs for:

  • Children, with the option to add your photo(s) and the child's name to fun, lovely backgrounds.
  • Romantics, with hearts, Valentine's Day designs and many others to make your cuddly toy extra romantic.

You can view a preview of your design on the site and make any changes you want, so you can make it absolutely perfect. There are so many cuddly toys, designs and options to choose from, you can create the perfect gift for any occasion and recipient.

All cuddly toys meet the legal requirements for children's toys and are therefore completely safe.

What customisation options are available for soft toys?

Creating a personalised soft toy is a unique way of expressing affection with a gift tailored to the recipient. You can make your soft toy unique and special by choosing from several, creatively unlimited options. Soft toys can be customised with:

  • A photo: create a personalised soft toy with a photo that is close to your heart or create a photo collage of unforgettable memories. In this case the photo will be printed on a T-shirt worn by the soft toy.
  • A name: your personalised soft toy can be enriched with one or more names, which will be embroidered or printed depending on the soft toy you choose.
  • A printed face: did you know that you can have your face or the face of a loved one printed directly onto a soft toy? A really funny gift to get a laugh out of someone!

Can I personalise the soft toys with a name or special message?

Of course! Some of our soft toys can be customised with a text within the character limit. For longer texts, we recommend the option of customisation with a print. You can choose the design and create a personalised soft toy with the message of your choice. Perhaps a beautiful love dedication, a song or a poem that links you to the gift recipient?

How do you create your personalised soft toy?

Creating your puppet is easier than you might think. First you have to choose the model you prefer. Who should you give your gift to? Our Happy Horse and Trixie line is particularly suitable for babies or children. Our teddy bears, on the other hand, are also popular with adults.

Once you have chosen your soft toy, it's time to personalise it! Click on 'start customising' and add a design, photo and/or text depending on the soft toy you have chosen. Finally choose a shipping address (you can also choose to send it as a surprise to the recipient's home) and, if you wish, add a free card.

What stuffed animals are available for customised soft toys?

Teddy bears are the ultimate soft toys when you think of them! But with YourSurprise you can also create your own personalised teddy bears with other animals, each of which, soft and friendly, is a sweet gift that the recipient will never want to part with again.

What is your favourite animal? Find out which animals are in our assortment:

  • Teddy bears: our Benjamin and Billy teddy bears can satisfy even the smallest budgets while offering a little pampering. Slightly larger in size, our teddy bear with names is designed for important occasions that require double personalisation. In fact, this teddy bear can be personalised with two names. Finally, for those who want a gift that really catches the eye, personalised XL and XXL teddy bears are available. You're sure to make a big impression with these giant teddy bears!
  • Bunnies: our cute personalised bunny doll wears a T-shirt with the personalisation created by you. Alternatively, you can opt for our Happy Horse bunny, available in two colours (white or grey) and a choice of three sizes (or available in a tuttle version for the little ones). Also the Trixie brand with its cute, colourful animals has created its rabbit version personalised with a name. And last but not least, the funniest rabbit: a puppet with your face printed on it! Laughter is guaranteed.
  • Fox, Lion or Dinosaur: together with the rabbit they form the colourful Trixie collection. These personalised soft toys are soft, cute and perfect for children. You can add their name or a photo and we will personalise the soft toy.