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All gifts personalised with photo/text

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Personalised Bathrobes for adults and children

Wrapped up in the soft embrace of a bathrobe, don't you often think of how extra special it'd be if it was personalised just for you? With YourSurprise you can create your very own personalised bathrobe, a cosy piece of textile with your name or text! Our collection includes bathrobes for men, women, and children in different sizes and colours. But that's not all; we also have an indulgent selection of personalised kimonos waiting for you. Werther it's a gift or the person you want to surprise is yourself, our selection of personalised bathrobe can make anyone happy!

Choose the size and colour of your personalised bathrobe

Our bathrobes are unique not just because you can personalised them, but also because you can choose the colour of the textile, the style and colour of the font and the size!

Personalised bathrobe for adults

Our personalised bathrobes for men and bathrobes for women are available in sizes S/M and L/XL.

Whether you prefer a classic white or the tranquillity of beige, or perhaps an alluring blend of white and blue, we've got you sorted with a full range of colours.

Where is the name embroidered on the adult bathrobes?

The name on the adult bathrobes is embroidered on the back. This placement ensures that the name is prominently displayed and easily visible when the bathrobe is worn. By embroidering the name on the back, it adds a personal touch to the bathrobe and makes it unique to the individual wearing it. Whether it's a gift for yourself or a loved one, having the name embroidered on the back of the bathrobe adds a special touch of personalisation.

Personalised bathrobe for child/baby

Bathrobes for children and babies are brought to you in collaboration with the brand Koeka. The personalised bathrobes for children come in a range of sizes and colours. The available sizes include 62/68, 74/80, and 86/92. These sizes are designed to cater to the different age groups and growth stages of children. By offering a variety of sizes, we ensure that every child can find a bathrobe that fits them comfortably.

When it comes to colours, the personalised bathrobes for children are available in a selection of pastel shades. These colours include sand, grey, pink, and light blue. The pastel colour also adds a touch of softness and elegance to the bathrobes, making them even more delightful for children to wear.

Personalised bathrobe couple

What better way to celebrate the love shared between couples than with our personalised bathrobes! Ideal as a heartfelt gift for newlyweds, or as an affectionate reminder on a wedding anniversary.

Create the two bathrobes, each of them with a different name. The bathrobes can also be personalised with the initials of the couple!

How can I personalise a bathrobe with a name?

Our bathrobes can be easily personalised online with the help of our online editor. Just follow our step by step guide:

  1. Choose your size and bathrobe colour
  2. Select a font and the colour you want your text to be embroidered
  3. Add your very own text in the limit of 15 characters
  4. Have a look at the preview and finalise the order!

We will make sure your personalisation gets embroidered on the bathrobe. For our adult bathrobes, the name will be carefully embroidered on the back, giving an elegant finish. When it comes to kiddos, we thought it would be cool to have the names embroidered on the front, making it extra special for them.

How can I wash the personalised bathrobe?

Our bathrobe with name can be washed by hand or in the washing machine with a temperature of max 40°C. This guarantees the longevity of your bathrobe's quality, letting you bask in its comfort for an extended period of time.

Of what material are the embroidered bathrobes made?

Our bathrobes for adults are made of 100% quality cotton sponge. Our bathrobes for children are made with 90% of biological cotton and 10% of polyester. Our kimonos are made with 100% polyester with a silk smooth finish.

Personalised satin bathrobes: a selection of kimonos with photo and text

We've also added a delightful twist to our personalised bathrobes. Imagine slipping into a silky smooth personalised satin bathrobe after a long, soothing bath? We've got you covered with our selection of personalised kimonos. Available in a wide assortment of colours: pink, leopard, white, black, and even gold, these satin bathrobes are the epitome of luxury. The personalisation options add a unique touch to each robe, making it as individual as you are. So why not add some glamour to your loungewear collection with these beautiful satin bathrobes?