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All gifts personalised with photo/text

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A selection of water bottles personalised with the photo or text of your choice. Create your own personalised thermos mug to store your favourite hot and cold drinks.

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Personalised water bottles and insulated bottles with name and photo

A popular and super-practical gift: a personalised water bottle to take everywhere with you, to carry your water, tea or coffee. Would you like to have your own isothermal bottle or an absolutely unique thermos mug with a handle? Or would you like to give your child a drink bottle for school or kindergarten, with his or her name and photo on it? You've come to the right place! Discover all our personalised water bottles, and isothermal travel mugs for carrying your drinks with you. Simply create your design online, it's quick and easy.

A personalised bottle - The stylish gift

To give a gift is first and foremost to please the recipient. The notion of surprise should also prevail in the choice of a gift. These days, it's hard to get all these features in a gift. Personalised gifts, however, bring them all together. Among the long list of personalised gifts available from YourSurprise, we've chosen the personalised water bottle.

Why choose a personalised water bottle?

Offering a personalised water bottle as a gift transforms a regular object into a truly unique gift. Presenting a husband's, father's or friend's 50th birthday with a personalised bicycle water bottle bearing an inscription like “For Eric, 50 years of pure adventure” is a wonderful way to surprise them.

Generally speaking, a water bottle brings to mind outdoor activities. However, many people want to drink their favourite beverage at work. It can happen that several people have identical bottles, which can pose an identification problem. Writing your first name on your bottle with an indelible marker isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, a personalised drink bottle will not only serve to identify the bottle, but will also enhance its visual and aesthetic appearance.

Types of water bottles available

YourSurprise offers a wide selection of drink bottles. You'll find bottles in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium, plastic polymer, glass, bamboo and leather. Some bottles combine several materials, such as steel and aluminium, steel and leather, or aluminium and plastic.

Bottle capacity varies according to model and intended use. A child's water bottle generally holds 320 ml. A hiking bottle can hold 750 ml of liquid.

Bottles are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including aluminium, white, blue, brown, black and pink.

We recommend that you carefully read the technical data sheets accompanying each water bottle model. You'll find all the information you need to select a model. Among these, 2 are essential. These are the personalization options and the type of printing.

Personalised isothermal mug

For those of you who are always on the road, or simply love to carry your hot drink everywhere, the isothermal mug is the personalised item for you. The thermos mug has a sliding opening so you can drink easily without having to unscrew the lid. What's more? It also has a handle so you always have it to hand! This thermos mug can keep your drink hot for up to 6 hours, more than enough to get you through the morning or a long train or car journey. Easy to rinse, it's best to wash it by hand to preserve your beautiful personalisation for as long as possible. Add the photos you want, a first name and/or text, and off you go!

Customisable isothermal flask

Do you prefer a bottle, but one that retains heat? In our assortment we also have a delightful personalised isothermal bottle, in 50cl format and available in 2 colours. Thanks to a double wall, your bottle maintains the temperature of your drink, whether it's cold or hot, it'll stay that way for several hours. The hiking water bottles with bamboo stopper top are also isothermal. You can personalise your water bottle with a first name and even photos, it's quick and easy; in just a few clicks your creation will be ready for printing.

Personalisation and printing methods

One of the most important points to be aware of is the different personalisation methods you can choose from. Depending on your wishes, you can choose a personalised water bottle with a first name or a personalised bottle with a photo. The same applies to the choice of name and/or text.

The type of personalization offered varies from gourd to gourd. The same applies to printing. You can benefit from HD photo quality printing or even laser engraving.

The destination of the personalised water bottle

The choice of a gourd will depend on its destination. Here are a few examples:

Personalised bottle for adults

There are many gourds designed for adults. An alcohol flask, like a gourd, is intended exclusively for adults. The main use of the flask needs to be considered. A stopper that allows the bottle to be attached to a backpack is preferable if it's a personalised hiking bottle.

Personalised children's bottle

A child's water bottle is essentially a personalised kindergarten gourd and/or a personalised school gourd. A personalised water bottle with a photo is preferred for a kindergarten child. This will enable the childminder to know instantly who the bottle belongs to. On the other hand, for use at school, a personalised bottle with the child's first name should be chosen.

Personalised sports bottles

A water bottle intended for use in a sporting activity must be in keeping with that activity. It can be carried on the body or simply carried in a sports bag. Likewise, you'll need to be able to attach a personalised bicycle bottle to a bottle cage.

Personalised water bottle for kindergarten or school

To give your children the best possible equipment for school or kindergarten, think about having them personalise an adorable water bottle. Add their first name to it, and even a photo if you like, so you can be sure they won't lose it. You can personalise the water bottle with the black plastic stopper, which has a cap attached to it, or for younger children the children's water bottle with blue or pink stopper. Because we care about your children's health and safety, the latter is guaranteed Bisphenol A-free and has a 32cl capacity.

How to make a personalised water bottle

Personalising your bottle is a simple and enjoyable process. Filter through our selection while keeping in mind who your gift is for. Then click "Personalise your gift," and navigate our user-friendly customisation page. Choose themes, motifs, sizes, and colours to tailor every detail to your liking. Once satisfied, validate your choices, and your uniquely crafted bottle is ready to impress.

Personalised water bottles with photo and first name

In our range, you'll find water bottles for sports or everyday use. Various sizes are available, two different colours (white or aluminium), as well as different types of caps. Among all our customisable water bottles, we have, for example, the hiking water bottle which has a small handle on the top, allowing you to hang it on your hiking bag for example! With the exception of children's bottles, all customisable bottles have a 50 cl capacity.

Themes and designs in our online editor

Our online editor is a creative playground with free themes, motifs, and designs. Customisation is not just encouraged; it's free. The displayed price is the final cost, excluding shipping. Whether for sports or everyday use, choose a design, upload your photo, add a first name – and voila, a beautiful, personalised, and unique thermos bottle is yours!