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gift ideas for Valentine's Day on a budget

12 gift ideas for Valentine's Day on a budget

Surprising your partner on Valentine's Day is a sweet way to celebrate love and spend a slightly different day together.
A gift doesn't have to be expensive; you can find lots of gift ideas at low prices too.
Finding your way through a sea of different ideas and gifts can be difficult, but here at YourSurprise we’d very much like to help you find the perfect gift even if you’re on a budget. Take a look at our suggestions and choose the perfect gift for your special someone.

Looking back at your favourite memories together

Your first holiday, birthdays, outings with friends.. There are so many moments to look back on together, every one as special as the next. Why not create something unique using your favourite photos, such as a photo album, or have the photo(s) printed on a key ring, a cushion or a retro photo print set?

Valentine’s Day gifts for those with a sweet tooth

If your sweetheart is the sweetest one there is and needs her daily dose of chocolate or sweets, go for a truly tasty gift featuring your unique personalisation.
We offer a selection of confectionery gifts that won’t break the bank and will still satisfy any sweet tooth! From chocolates with a photo to Toblerone with a name and photo, take your pick.

How to spend Valentine’s Day on a budget

Need some low-budget ways to spend Valentine’s Day that will still feel special and romantic? There’s no need to spend a lot in order to spend the day together. Here are some ideas that will definitely be a hit, requiring only little effort and a small budget.

1. Organise a romantic dinner at home

If you have the house to yourself, whip up a romantic candlelight dinner. No need to be a chef, a simple pasta dish and ice cream as dessert will do the trick. Your special someone will definitely appreciate the effort. If you share a flat with roommates, make a deal with them to have the house to yourself and in return you can promise to do the dishes for a month!

2. Be tourists for a day

If the weather forecast is for a sunny day, take a trip around town! The area we live in often hides the most beautiful and unexplored places. Think like a tourist and explore the hidden corners of your town or city. Discover a beautiful park, building, cool hiking spot... The possibilities are endless!

3. Enjoy a free activity

There will certainly be some no-cost activities in your area that would make a fantastic Valentine's Day activity. Take a look at free museums, street concerts, festivals or other events organised by your municipality.

More Valentine's Day gifts for a smaller budget

Still not satisfied? Take a look at our gift ideas for small budgets:

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