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Sending a Valentine's Day gift from a distance

valentine's day at a distance

We’re getting nearer and nearer to Valentine's Day! Are you excited, or are you dreading the day of love, when couples are supposed to spend time together? Perhaps your special someone is on the other side of the world, or there’s another reason you can’t spend Valentine’s Day with your favourite person. While being together is the ideal, not being able to spend time together doesn't mean your Valentine's Day can't be wonderful.
In the past we had to wait weeks, if not months, before receiving news from our long-distance partner.
These days, everything is just a click away; video calls, messages and social media. All you have to do is get a little more creative to spend Valentine’s Day together at a distance!

valentine's day at a distance

Exchanging gifts is a tradition on Valentine’s Day and if you can't do it in person why not send a gift straight to your special someone?
We cherish this tradition here at YourSurprise and therefore offer the option to have a gift sent straight to your partner’s address, wherever they are!

Valentine’s Day letterbox gifts

Now more than ever, sending a gift from a distance is easy. You can have your gift delivered even if the recipient isn’t at home. All you need to do is choose a gift that can be delivered through the letterbox. As well as being practical, it's also a lovely surprise as the recipient will find the surprise while emptying their letterbox!
We've put together some ideas for small Valentine's Day gifts that can be delivered through the letterbox.

Looking for more tips on how to celebrate Valentine's Day at a distance? Take a look at our blog full of great ideas for spending Valentine’s Day at a distance.

How to create a Valentine’s Day surprise

Surprise is the key word for Valentine's Day. Not everyone likes surprises, but if you know someone who does, you can create a surprise parcel with lots of personal detail that shows just how much you care. Here are some ideas:

1. A giant parcel:

The parcel within a parcel is a fun tradition that makes opening the gift a little more challenging and ramps up the anticipation.
How to make it: Grab the biggest box you can find, along with more boxes, each one smaller than the next. You'll need at least 5. The more you have, the more fun it will be. Add a gift to each of the boxes, and ensure you place each box inside the next largest box until all boxes are inside the final box. Add the finishing touch with some beautiful wrapping paper and a bow.
Tip: To make the gift even more original, add a small card with a cute message or clue inside each parcel.

2. A parcel of memories:

During a relationship you collect lots of unforgettable memories that can be immortalised in photos, fragments of songs... Surely you have plenty of material that can be used for a special gift, such as a memory box. How to make it: find a pretty box and some decorations. Inside you can put anything related to your relationship: a love letter, holidays photos, a ticket stub from the first film you saw together, etc...

3. A sweet little parcel:

If you are unable to choose just one gift and would like to create a box full of surprises, create a box with lots of sweet little surprises. Tip: You can choose gifts that each have different meanings. They don't have to be expensive, just simple small gifts that mean something to you both.

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